Get your sword!

Last night, I received a call from my 21 year old daughter who is away at college.  She is in a seminary internship and has many opportunities to minister to young girls.  She shared with me that two of the girls in her group have a parent suffering through a battle with cancer and need prayer.  And this morning, one of the moms lost the fight.  She is now with the Lord and whole again but her young daughter is broken with grief.  

Then this morning, I’m sitting in a Doctor’s office with one of my best girlfriends as she waits to have a cervical biopsy done, as her annual exam showed some abnormalities.  Last year she lost her mom unexpectedly from complications of a routine surgery and dealing with that grief.  She’s a single mother of two and works hard to raise them in righteousness on her own, away from her own family.

The point of sharing some of these details is to point out the ways that these two completely different females, at two very different times in their lives are under attack.  And the enemy of our souls is using similar tactics to batter them both.  Cancer is a disease that has been around for too long.  It creeps in and steals your peace of mind, clouding your thoughts in fear and “what if’s”, and pulling you into a world of uncertainty.  The enemy is clever.  He doesn’t have to work very hard.  The word alone rushes in fear beyond our control!  When someone says “cancer”, no matter what the context, our hearts get a little jolted.  

Well, as I am sitting here in the office, waiting for my friend, I’m moved.  Not in fear but in determination, in ferocity.  In my spirit, I feel a building up of energy that breaks out in intercesery prayer that covers the ladies I spoke of earlier and all others who suffer and battle with them.  I’m moved by the Holy Spirit to begin seeing this battle as not one for individuals but for all womankind.  

Woman were created to be nurturers, builders of self and family.  We are the ones that children and husbands come to for strength, encouragement and reassurance.  In Lisa Bevere’s “Girls with Swords”, she tells how we are targets.  Just by being who God created us to be, we are a target for the enemy’s attack.  Because the enemy knows our place in this world, our value, we become his target.  Although this is true, we are also soldiers in an army led by the most high God!  And He is summoning us, His warriors.  We have been called for such a time as this!  

The enemy does not win in the end but that doesn’t mean we just sit and passively wait for God’s victory. Now is when we stand, and fight, and pray, and battle for the sake of Gods glory in victory!  Ladies, I believe that in this moment we are being called to take up our swords and fight for our salvation, for our peace, for our emotional strength, for our common guard, for our joy and for our husbands, daughters and sons, and families and friends.

Stand up!  Physically stand up and plant your feet firmly on the  ground and take your rightful place in the battle!  Standing on the front lines!  This battle belongs to the Lord but we are His warriors!  Take up your sword ladies, it’s time to claim victory!  Let God be the Glory!  


About Tami G

I am 44 years of age and married to an amazing gift from God, Jonathan. Together we have 3 incredible children, Aubrey, Johnathan and Presley, and we are the perfect "blend". Today, I begin a journey to rediscover the woman God created me to be. I have made myself available to my Heavenly Father to use it for His glory and purpose; a little scary but possibly entertaining. Enjoy.
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